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IEF, Early Childhood Education

About this Policy

Policy: IEF

Last revised: July 22, 1991


To establish early childhood education as a high priority for the Montgomery County Public Schools, given that there is a strong and growing body of evidence that successful programs during the pre-school and early school years lead to higher levels of success in school in later years, and that they also lead to a reduction in dropout rates, juvenile delinquency, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, and other behaviors that impede a child's success in life

To reaffirm Montgomery County Public Schools strong commitment to quality early childhood education and to recognize the importance of early success by developing readiness for each new experience, involving families in a child's education, creating a curriculum based on child development theory, building children's self-esteem, maintaining a well-trained and competent staff, and building partnerships with community groups

To provide early identification and intervention strategies to promote student success

To establish a philosophy as a basis for planning, program implementation, and decision-making for young children

To set the expectations for early childhood education that include developmentally appropriate instructional practice, a supportive learning environment, an emphasis on multicultural education, parent and community involvement, staff development, and coordination among all early childhood education programs

To provide an appropriate and nurturing program for every child no matter where a child may be on the developmental continuum and every child will be viewed as "ready" because the programs will be flexible enough to accommodate each one

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