FKB, Sustaining and Modernizing Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Facilities

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Last revised: December 07, 2010


To affirm the Board of Education’s (Board) commitment to maintain all school facilities in conditions that maximize learning opportunities for every student in the county. Sustaining Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) facilities is accomplished by pursuing systematic maintenance programs that renew facilities on a life cycle replacement basis. Modernizing MCPS facilities is accomplished by pursuing the systematic assessment of older facilities that have reached the end of their useful lifecycle, and placing these schools in a queue for modernization based on their relative condition.

To establish a systematic approach for replacement of building systems and facilities for MCPS. The approach is intended to address changing educational program standards and aging of building systems at reasonable cost while providing appropriate spaces for educational programs and services and maintaining a safe, secure, and healthy physical environment for students and staff.

Many schools were built in the decades between 1950 and 1980. Since that time many code requirements have changed and construction methods have been improved, resulting in facilities that are capable of being sustained in good condition over a longer period of time than was the case with older school facilities. A rigorous maintenance program for well-built schools is critical to ensuring that the substantial taxpayer investment in school infrastructure is preserved. This policy recognizes that maintenance and systemic replacement activities need to serve as the primary means for keeping all schools in good condition over the extended life of a facility. At the same time, the policy recognizes that at some point the useful life-cycle of a facility has been reached and major modernization is necessary.

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