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Subject Assignments

Jeffrey Martinez,  Director                                              (Andrea Gates, Administrative Secretary)


Administrative-level Staffing

Ana Brito-Stein - A&S Personnel Assistant (301-279-3270)


Substitute System

Amy Bledsoe - Substitute Coordinator (301-279-3280)        (Crissy Wagoner, Personnel Assistant)


Teacher-level Staffing Team

 Elementary Team (Regina Powell, Staffing Assistant 301-279-3920)  

Diane Smith, Staffing Coordinator 

Elementary Teachers (A-G)

Art (PK-12)

Spanish Immersion


Travis Wiebe, Staffing Coordinator 

Elementary teachers (H-P)

Phys Educ/Dance/Health (K-12)

Central Office (OCIP,OCTO,





Pearl Drain, Staffing Coordinator 

Elementary teachers (Q-Z)

Music (General and Instrumental)(PK-12)

Reading Specialists

Chinese and French Immersion


Secondary Team (Joan Beeler, Staffing Assistant 301-279-3935) 

Jane Butler, Staffing Coordinator 

Business Education               ROTC

ESOL (PK-12)                      Science

FACS                                 Trade and Industry



Rhonda Dedmond, Staffing Coordinator 

Computer Science               English/Drama

Foreign Languages              Reading Teacher (MS)

Social Studies                     Media Specialist

Technology Education          TV Production

Alternative Education


  Special Education Team (Angela King, Staffing Assistant 301-279-3010)

Rae Korade, Staffing Coordinator 

Special Education Teachers (A-L)

Occupational Therapist

Pupil Personnel Worker

Resource Teacher (RTSE)

Speech Pathologist

Linda K. Johnson, Staffing Coordinator 

Special Education Teachers (M-Z)

Guidance – Resource Counselors

Physical Therapist


Social Workers


Support Services Staffing Team

Support Services (Sheri Diegelmann-Ausura, Staffing Assistant 301-279-3940)

Dale Horos, Coordinator 

Central Office Support (High Level)

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpreters

IT System Specialists (High Level ITSS Central & School-Based)

Shady Grove (North and South) Transportation Depots

Central Office- OCTO

Regina Arrington, 

Staffing Specialist 

Bethesda Transportation Depot

Division of Maintenance

Facilities Management

English Composition Assistants

Financial Assistants

Media Assistants (MS & HS)

School Plant Operations (MS & HS)

Secretarial/Clerical (MS, HS, & Central Office- OCIP, OHRD, OSSI)

  Teaming with Abigail Reyes-Salazar 

Carolina Z. Garcia-Ablanque,     

Staffing Specialist 

Career Information Coordinators

Food & Nutrition Services

   (MS, HS, & Central Office)

Instructional Data Analysts (MS/ HS)

Lunch Hour Aides (MS & HS)

Paraeducators (MS & HS)

Paraeducators Special Ed. Itinerant     (MS & HS)

Paraeducators Special Ed  (MS & HS)

Randolph Transportation Depot

Security (MS, HS, & Central Office)

 Teaming with Duane Merson 

Mary Bessio, Position Management (301-517-5993)


Susan Meyers, Personnel Assistant  (Teaming with Regina Arrington and Abigail Reyes-Salazar) 


Cherie (Tutti) Tessier,  Personnel Assistant                     (Teaming with Carolina Garcia-Ablanque and Duane Merson) 

Abigail Reyes-Salazar, 

Staffing Specialist 

Media Assistants (ES)

School Plant Operations

   (ES & Central Office)

Secretarial/Clerical (ES & Central Office- OCTO, OSA, OSESS)

Division of Construction

Supply and Property Management

West Farm Transportation Depot

  Teaming with Regina Arrington 

Duane Merson, 

Staffing Specialist 

Clarksburg Transportation Depot

Food & Nutrition Services (ES)

Fleet Maintenance

Instructional Data Analysts (ES)

Lunch Hour Aides (ES)

Paraeducators (ES)

Paraeducators Sp. Ed.Itinerant (ES)

Paraeducators Special Ed (ES) 

Teaming with Carolina Garcia-Ablanque 



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