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Volunteers Needed!

The National Education Association Convention is coming to Washington, DC, this summer. It’s a huge event—over 9,000 people strong—and volunteers are needed to help make the Representative Assembly run smoothly. You need not be a member of the National Education Association to volunteer. All members of the education family are invited.

Volunteer! Get paid! Have fun! Make new friends!

Try to imagine what it is like to have 9,000 school personnel talking and trying to conduct business. It is possible by using the RA Telephone/Microphone system. Volunteers are responsible for staffing the microphones so representatives can communicate with the Presiding Officer and the Assembly. Don’t worry, you don’t need to speak on the microphone; you only relay messages to the front table.

Volunteers receive $40.00 for each day worked. Tolls and parking are reimbursed (receipts are required) as well as Metro expenses. Lodging expenses are not provided to volunteers. Morning and afternoon refreshments and a lunch meal are provided to volunteers during the Annual Meeting. If volunteers are required to work an evening event, a meal will be provided. Volunteers are needed for July 1-July 5; hours are approximately 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. You need not work every day; however, consecutive days are encouraged. Your help is needed and greatly appreciated. Sign up now!

The Annual Meeting is held at The Washington Convention Center located at 801 Mt. Vernon Place, NW, Washington, DC. The Mt. Vernon Square Metro stop on the green and yellow line is in the convention center, so it’s really easy to get there.

To learn more, contact LeeAnn Kaye, 301-598-5480 or






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