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From The Association's Political Action Committee (PAC): 2012 Elections

Primary Election is Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Every two years, the Association’s Political Action Committee (PAC) invites candidates who are running for office to complete a questionnaire and to interview with the committee. We do this as a service to members because many of the candidates and their positions on issues of interest to MCPSRA are not well known, and for many of us, it’s difficult to get information about those individuals for whom we will have an opportunity to vote. This year we interviewed only Board of Education candidates.

Based on the candidates’ questionnaire responses and interviews, the PAC is making the following recommendations for Board of Education:

BOE At-Large: Phil Kauffman

BOE District 2: Jeanne Ellinport or Fred Evans (vote for one)

BOE District 4: Christopher Barclay

Both Mr. Kauffman and Mr. Barclay are incumbents who have supported MCPSRA positions. Ms. Ellinport and Mr. Evans are new and both demonstrated knowledge of retirees’ issues and the challenges which face us as well as Montgomery County Public Schools. They deserve your support.

The Primary Election is Tuesday, April 3, 2012.

Everyone can vote for Board of Education. If you are registered without party affiliation, you can vote in the Primary for BOE. Even though candidates must run in a particular district, every registered voter may vote for all Board of Education candidates.

The District 4 race will not appear on the ballot in the Primary Election because there are only two candidates. In the other races, the top two vote getters in the Primary will be on the November ballot.

The following served on the interview team: Betsy Doyle, Mary D’Ovidio, Jane Hardy, Gerry Johnson, George Kaye, LeeAnn Kaye, Ken Muir, Steve Raucher and Joy Schwab.

If you would like to become involved in one of the campaigns or are willing to post a yard sign, e-mail:

LeeAnn Kaye or call 301-598-5480.






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