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Steve Silvious

Supervisor: Field Installation Team

Division of Field Operations * Montgomery County Public Schools
Voice Line: (301) 279-3501* Fax Line (301) 279-3679
Snail Mail: 850 Hungerford Drive * Rockville, MD 20850

Visited By since March 29, 1996

Official MCPS Duties Include:

Weather Radio Information

Information about the NOAA Weather Radios Used in schools.

Broadcasting & TV Production


Computers and Networks

Your First Stop with any MCPS Technology Problem is The MCPS Helpdesk (301) 517-5800.

Paul McCabe maintains the Hardware and MCPS Technology Bid Server which is a great source of information on the many FAQs that we get on how to buy computer equipment.

Railroads and Transportation

Will It Rain, Snow, Flood or be Sunny


Personal Links

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