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Start a Technology Leadership Team
at Your School

etipsSchool-based staff have a unique opportunity to help others on their school team more fully integrate technology into instruction.  In addition, this effort will support school teams to incorporate principles for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into instructional practices throughout the school to support learners who are struggling to access the curriculum. 

Specific Project Tasks

This project requires a staff person to start or provide leadership for a school team that meets at least monthly for a minimum of 6 months to:

  1. Talk to your school administration about starting a Technology Leadership Team (TLT).  An effort to incorporate the TLT outcomes into school improvement plan should be made. See the sample memo to administration (26K doc).
  2. Identify a plan to increase use of technology-supported instructional practices, materials and tools, including available technology tools to support struggling learners.
  3. Identify a plan for how to measure changes in your school as a result of your team's efforts.
  4. Use at least two different ways to meet the training needs of your staff during the school year. 

Who is a good candidate for this project?

School-based staff who have at least two other instructional staff at their school interested in increasing the use of accessible instructional practices, materials and tools to support all learners throughout the school building.  HIAT has worked in several school buildings to implement leadership teams and can help you get started.

What support will HIAT provide for this project?

HIAT staff and resources are available to:

  • assist project participants to communicate the benefits of this team to school administrators/teams
  • provide an online Technology Needs Assessment (preview)
  • develop tools for measuring change
  • help to plan/implement training initiatives  

E-TIPS Hours Earned:

10 hours – Participant demonstrates lead role is facilitating all steps of this project. 

5 hours – Participant demonstrates active participation in all steps of this project. 

Documentation required: 

  • Minutes from the team meetings
  • Example training materials (e.g. training plans, presentations, handouts) documenting the participant’s lead role in the trainings
  • summary document (e.g. summary memo) to administration/school leadership documenting outcomes of TLT efforts, challenges, unmet needs, and ongoing plan to address needs.


Specific Tasks

Who is a Good Candidate?

How HIAT Will Support this Project

E-TIPS Hours Earned

What is E-TIPS?
Keep track of your E-TIPS Hours (51 K doc)

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