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Design an E-TIPS Workshop

etipsDo you have a training plan in mind for a new E-TIPS class?  You can design an E-TIPS workshop that focuses on how to use technology to improve the performance of students within the framework of universal design for learning. 

Specific Project Tasks

This project allows an MCPS staff person who is familiar with E-TIPS classes to design a new 2 or 3-hour class. 

  • Complete a training Plan (51K pdf) that describes the training outcomes, the instructional content, resources, and timeline.
  • Develop an assignment for training participants to complete in order to earn E-TIPS hours.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:
    • Class objectives
    • An introduction that includes background information that supports the topic (e.g., research, professional literature review, examples of best practices etc.)
    • Screen shots of procedural steps demonstrating how to use the technology to support students
  • Create or supply appropriate handouts such as Quick Guides, tables, reference or other related materials

Who is a good candidate for this project?

School-based staff who have participated in a minimum of three E-TIPS classes, and who have experience providing instructional technology training, are candidates for this project. 

What support will HIAT provide for this project?

HIAT staff and resources are available to:

  • review the training plan, PowerPoint and handouts and offer suggestions. 
  • schedule and advertise the class on the HIAT website and on the PDO. 
  • assist the person who authors and leads the new E-TIPS class.

E-TIPS Hours Earned:

10 hours to the person who authors the training plan, PowerPoint, handouts and other training materials. 

Documentation required: 

NOTE:  Additional E-TIPS hours are available for leading the training (number of class hours plus 2 hours for preparation)


Specific Tasks

Who is a Good Candidate?

How HIAT Will Support this Project

E-TIPS Hours Earned

Printable Summary (79K pdf)

What is E-TIPS?
Keep track of your E-TIPS Hours (51 K doc)

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