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E-TIPS Leaders Honored at the First Annual E-TIPS Celebration

May 7, 2008


From left to right, E-TIPS Leaders are: Bonnie Helvey, Lida Bartsch, Karen Newbrough, and Doris Wray.

Bonnie Helvey, Lida Bartsch, Karen Newbrough, and Doris Wray

E-TIPS stands for "Educators using Technology to Improve the Performance of Students." E-TIPS Leaders have completed 75 hours of E-TIPS training demonstrating a personal commitment to improving their own technology skills, assisting their colleagues with technology, and using technology effectively to benefit students.

E-TIPS Celebration attendees1st Annual E-TIPS Celebration

Since the E-TIPS program began in July 2006, four MCPS educators have reached 75 E-TIPS hours and many more staff members are quickly approaching that goal.  E-TIPS Leaders were honored at the first annual E-TIPS celebration on May 7, 2008 at a CTI.  Each leader was presented with a certificate acknowledging their efforts. Certificates were signed by Dr. Carey Wright, Associate Superintendent of Special Education and Student Services, and by Mr. Sherwin Collette, Chief Technology Officer.

The E-TIPS celebration was also a way for E-TIPS educators to network with each other.  Software vendors provided valuable doorprizes which were raffled off at the party. HIAT announced new ways that MCPS staff can earn E-TIPS hours including taking online courses, teaching E-TIPS classes, and participating in the creation of accessible curriculum materials. 

E-TIPS classes are currently offered by HIAT, InterACT, the Technology Consulting Team, the Office of Supporting Services, and the Staff Development Programs Team. 

Amy Katzman wins Clicker Paint
Amy Katzman won Clicker Paint

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