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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about HIAT Training

What kinds of training does HIAT do?

  • Scheduled workshops and webinars
  • Provide staff training on technology tools to help a particular student
  • Provide staff training on a software program or technology tool
  • Consultation on how to implement UDL strategies

On which topics does HIAT do training?

Some requested topics have been on Bookshare, Clicker5, Text to Speech, Kurzweil.

What other departments provide technology training?

  • InterACT provides consultation to assist the local school team and parents of students with severe communication disabilities in the evaluation, selection, and uses of augmentative and assistive technology. They offer training on Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols 2000, IntelliTools Classroom Suite and strategies for working with students with low-incidence disabilities.
  • The Technology Consulting Team supports MCPS and individual schools with system-wide projects including the Technology Modernization Project. As part of the Technology Modernization project, the technology consulting team offers training on a variety of software programs in the general education curriculum.
  • The Office of Organizational Development Supporting Services Team offers training to support staff for all of the Microsoft Office applications.

How do I find and register for technology workshops?

HIAT offers county-wide training. Registration on the PDO. Once logged into the PDO, type "tips" in the "Course Title" field and click "Find Courses." Use the following search terms to find a workshop related to technology:

  • In the "Course Title" field, type “E-TIPS“ to find technology courses and workshops which grant E-TIPS credit.
  • In the "Course Title" field, type the name of the software you are interested it to find courses offered by HIAT, InterACT, or the Technology Consulting team.

How do I drop a class on the PDO?

  1. Log into the PDO
  2. Scroll down and look on the right side of the screen to find the My Courses section.
  3. Click on My Course Details
  4. Next to the course you want to drop, click Withdraw

Printable directions with pictures (32K pdf)

How do I request training?

You can make a request by completing this survey. The questionnaire typically takes 1 to 5 minutes to complete.

We need to familiarize staff with the software that is available in our building first. Where can we get that kind of training?

Use resources in your building first! You may already have individuals in your building who could present the information to your staff. If you are looking for a presentation to familiarize staff with the assistive technology available in your school, then you should contact Esperanca Silverman in the Department of Special Education.

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