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Help Students Get an Individual Membership to Bookshare

Teachers can make getting an individual membership easier

Students who are listed as "members" on your school's Bookshare account can be given access to an "individual membership."  An Individual Membership allows students to log in and find, download, and read books independently.


Students need an individual membership to:


  • Use the iPad, iPhone or Android apps to read books on their personal devices 
  • Use the Chrome browser to read books online 
  • Search for and download their own books 
  • Download Read:OutLoud software at home for free. 



Teachers, see "How do I create an individual membership for my student?"

Individual Memberships

Any eligible person may register for an individual membership, regardless of whether a teacher has enrolled the student as a Bookshare member. Just go to and click "Sign Up." You will need to provide a Proof of Disability Form to Bookshare certifying that you are eligible.


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