Incorporate Time for Digital Reading in your Instructional Program

Give students access to digital books

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You may need to consider the physical setup of your room if you do not already have students using computers on a regular basis in your classroom. Consider:

  • Placing headphones at each computer in your room
  • Encouraging students to bring in their own personal set up ear buds for classroom use
  • Placing the computers in your classroom so that students have access to them, but are also not isolated from the class while using them
  • Making sure the teacher's computer is accessible for student use when not being used by the teacher

Make time for using computers during instruction

The value of using text readers is that it allows students to read at their own pace and use the organizational strategies that work best for them in order to comprehend and retain the information. If your classroom environment does not already provide students with opportunities for differentiation, then you will likely have trouble finding time to allow students to use text reader software as well.

Remember, if every student is required to do the same thing at the same time for your entire class period, then there is no opportunity to differentiate based on individual needs. If you use small group instruction, stations or centers, and self-paced work time, you will easily be able to incorporate time for students to use text readers within that structure.

Take advantage of the computing devices in your building

Are you making the best use of:

  • the computers already in your classroom
  • the computer labs in your building
  • the computer hubs or mini labs in your building
  • laptop or netbook carts in your building

Are there resources in your building which are not being used to their potential? Have you discussed your students' needs with your administration and suggested ways that resources could be allocated to best serve them?


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