Create a UDL Features Poster

Leadership Points earned: ½ point

How to claim your points: Send your poster to Kathleen Hamm

Timeline: Submit your poster by May 1

What is the Purpose of the Poster?

A poster creates awareness of tools that are available in MCPS.  Many tools are either underutilized or used in a way which does not leverage UDL features.  A poster can remind teachers and students to use a tool or bring to their attention some features they may not have known about.  Posters can be printed as is, or enlarged on a poster printer and hung in a classroom, lab, or media center.


  • The poster must be in a digital format for sharing on the web.
  • Any poster that is selected to be shared on the HIAT website will earn ½ point.


Here is an example: Natural Reader Poster (pdf)