Share Curriculum Resources

Leadership Points earned: 1 point for every 5 resources uploaded for a maximum of 2 points

How to claim your points: Send the links to your uploaded resources to Kathleen Hamm

Timeline: All resources uploaded between July 1 and May 1 of the current school year are eligible


  • Digital versions of reading material with pictures and other scaffolds built in
  • PowerPoint Presentations or FlipCharts that use a variety of media and explanatory devices to teach curriculum concepts
  • Clicker grids or ebooks that align with an activity in the MCPS curriculum
  • Graphic Organizers that provide students with choices for synthesizing information, organizing information, or planning to write
  • Screencasts or videos demonstrating a concept for students


Each of your resources should:

  • Be designed with UDL in mind
  • Specifically support teaching the MCPS curriculum
  • Be in a format that allows other teachers to use as-is or modify for the needs of their students

Where to Share

Please upload your resource to the most appropriate sharing portal in this priority order:

  • If your resource pertains to the grades that are available in the MCPS Online Curriculum, then please use the Instruction Center.
  • If your resource does not pertain to one of those grades and is a flipchart, then please use ActivMCPS.
  • If your resource fits neither of the above two categories, then please use the
    UDL Share Space