Create a UDL Screencast

Leadership Points earned: 1 point

How to claim your points: Send a link to your screencast to Kathleen Hamm

Timeline: Share your link by May 1

A screencast is a digital recording of a computer screen output. (From Wiktionary)

Because it can easily be shared on the web, a screencast is a great training tool that teachers and students can access just when they need it. Screencasts are meant to provide just the right amount of information to people who need it at the time that they are going to use it. They are typicially 5 minutes or less and illustrate a single skill, concept, or idea.

A UDL screencast might:

  • Demonstrate an aspect of a technology tool that supports a UDL approach in teaching and learning
  • Demonstrate or explain a UDL strategy or concept


  • The screencast should be accessible via a weblink
  • Any screencast that is selected to be shared on the HIAT website will earn 1 E-TIPS Leadership point.

Examples of UDL screencasts