Create a Quick Guide for the HIAT Website

Leadership Points earned: 1 point

How to claim your points: Send your quick guide to Kathleen Hamm

Timeline: Submit your quick guide by May 1


Quick guides are typically

  • how-to documents with screen shots and helpful hints or
  • videos of the tool in action with narration

Criteria for Your Quick Guide

Your quick guide should:

  • Serve a real purpose – meaning that you created it to serve a need with your students, staff, or for a presentation
  • Be brief (4 pages or less, 4 minutes or less)
  • Focus on a single  task, or UDL idea, or give an overview of a limited set of UDL features for a particular tool
  • Be suitable for posting on the Tech Quick Guides Page 

How to do Screen Shots

Tool Works with Notes
Use the Windows Snipping Tool  Windows Vista and Windows 7 Quickest and easiest if you have Windows 7 or Vista
Option for emailing your clipped image directly from the program
Use the print screen button  Any PC More steps to manage, but is always free and available
Takes the full window or screen, so not great for clipping small sections of a screen that will be tiny after cropping
Choose a free screen capture tool  Variety of computers Tons of great free options that will have a variety of extra features and sharing options