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Substitute Teacher Removal Request

About this Form

Form number: 445-18

Audience:  Principals

Last revised: January 2016

Prior to submitting this form, the principal or administrator will refer to the document, Guidelines for Responding to Allegations of Substitute Teacher Misconduct and Performance Issues. Before submitting this form, the principal or administrator should meet with or contact the substitute teacher by telephone to share the reason why the request is being made and give the substitute an opportunity to respond to the removal request. This form does not apply to Level I incidents, involving Suspected Child Abuse and Other Allegations of Criminal Activity Reported to Child Protective Services or Law Enforcement Agencies. This form applies only for a Level II incident involving other alleged inappropriate behavior or performance issues. For Level I incidents, please contact the Office of Human Resources and Development (OHRD) before filling out this form. After the removal request has been made, the substitute teacher may respond to Mr. Robert B. Grundy at

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