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About Us

The Division of Food and Nutrition Services is proud to be a vital link in the “Success for Every Student” program. Our philosophy is that appropriate combinations, balance, careful selections and preparation of individual food items play equally important roles in our menu planning process. Menus and food specifications are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans without depriving students of their favorite foods. Our menus are planned by licensed, registered dietitians and analyzed by computer to ensure maintenance of dietary goals, such as the 30% or less target for calories from fat over a week’s menus. Purchased foods, recipe ingredients and preparation techniques are reviewed carefully so that menus are in compliance with nutritional guidelines.

The ultimate nutritional value, however, will be determined by the actual food consumed. In the elementary schools, menus are presented as a balanced unit, but not all items may be consumed. In the middle schools and high schools, a variety of choices are available and students are encouraged to learn how to choose wisely by selecting a balance of favorites with other offerings. 

Learn about the Division of Food and Nutrition Services and the production process behind every MCPS School Meal.


MCPS and USDA are equal opportunity providers. 

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