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Links to Helpful Resources

We hope you find this list of writing resources websites useful and interesting. They are guides to help you navigate the nebulous field of grammar and the imprecise language that is English.

There’s a new dictionary in town.

Test your vocabulary skills and track your progress; look up the meaning of those tough words and see examples of how to use them in a sentence; and read articles in the magazine about words on a new online dictionary. (You probably should bookmark this one.) Be careful though, it could become addictive! 

Classic Reference Sites

A sampling of new words from Webster’s 11th Edition 

Welcome to The Chicago Manual of Style Online—the indispensable online reference for all who work with words 

Improving Your Writing

Tip of the Month Archives 

“Helping you do things better” 

Writing resources and instructional material 

Resources in English as a second language 

Fifty best blogs for grammar geeks 

How to use a semicolon: A quick primer 

Why you need to proofread 

Before-and-after examples of effective, productive e-mail at 

All About Words

A fun site for those who love words, sponsored by Oxford Dictionaries 

H. L. Mencken’s 1919 book about changes Americans had made to the English Language 

Do you speak American? Discourse on the decline of grammar 

Please send us any interesting site you know of or run into that you would like to share.

Contact Donna M. Marks or call the Editorial Help Desk at 301-517-8139. 

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