Depression Assessment

The first step in overcoming depression is recognizing the symptoms. Please check a response that best represents the way you have felt during the last 2 weeks.

If you have thoughts of hurting yourself, go directly to the nearest emergency room or call the Montgomery County Crisis Center at 240-777-4000. 

Find out about overcoming depression 

  None or a little of the time
(1 Point)
Some of the time
(2 Points)
Good part of the time
(3 Points)
Most or all of the time
(4 Points)
1. I feel sad        
2. My life is pretty empty        
3. I am getting too little or too much sleep        
4. I eat more or less than I used to        
5. I don’t feel useful and needed        
6. I am more moody than usual        
7. I get tired for no reason        
8. I have difficulty concentrating, remembering things, or making decisions        
9. I feel restless and irritable        
10. I don’t feel hopeful about the future        
11. I have trouble with constipation        
12. I don’t enjoy the things I used to do        
13. I have crying spells or feel like crying        
14. I have thoughts of suicide or death        
15. I notice that I am losing weight        
16. I have headaches or stomachaches for no physical reason        
17. I feel more interested in being alone        
18. I feel like cutting classes or dropping out of activities or hobbies        
19. I drink and/or take drugs more now to relax than I used to        

Score Recommendations
Below 38 Within Normal range
38 – 47 May be depressed. Consider calling EAP or another mental health professional.
48 and above Recommend calling EAP or another mental health professional.