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National Board Certification

Be informed. Feel empowered. Get active.

Improving Student Learning in MCPS Through the National Board Process

Overarching Statement: The National Board Process is a research-based vehicle for increasing teacher capacity to impact student learning.

Vision: Student learning drives the work of a highly skilled staff, dedicated to equity and the deliberate pursuit of excellence rooted in a culture of continuous improvement.

Mission: A highly skilled and reflective staff will have a greater impact on student learning.

Rationale: Highly accomplished teachers are essential to improving schools. The National Board Process is unlike any other professional development experience in MCPS. It takes “The Skillful Teacher” to the next level where she can demonstrate that they have achieved certification by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

This voluntary, teacher driven professional growth experience:

  • Raises the level of rigor while improving student achievement.
  • Promotes intense synthesis, analysis and reflection of one’s own teaching and learning as related to specific teaching standards.
  • Uses current student data and interactions to improve student learning.
  • Promotes and develops more focused, purposeful teaching through a highly effective standards process.
  • Creates opportunities for all teachers to teach more effectively.
  • Engages parents and the community in deliberate and purposeful interactions.
  • Facilitates data analysis of students needs and identifies focused areas for improvement.
  • Reaffirms teaching strategies.
  • Quality Candidate Support enhances the level of rigor and reflection of the National Board process and decreases attrition rate.

Are you thinking about becoming a candidate or a Take One! participant?

See dates on this flyer with more information about our 2013 - 2014 recruitment & information meetings (for Take One! participation during the 2013-2014 school year and/or full candidacy in 2014-2015).

Important Note: Due to ongoing changes by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (see information here), the first two recruitment sessions (9/28 and 10/8) have been canceled. We expect to have more imformation about how the changes will affect us in MCPS by mid-October, so look here for updates.

Register for one today in PDO so we may plan for your participation. (Course name & number - 51542 - National Board Recruitment Meetings.)


Are you a 2013-2014 candidate?

Check out this flyer showing the support sessions available. If you plan to attend a Candidate Support Workshop, please register for it on PDO so we may plan for your participation. (Course name & number - 51556 - National Board Candidate Support Workshops.)

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 NEW NBCTs

Congratulations to the Class of 2013 Renewed NBCTs


Photos: National Board Pinning Ceremonies

Check your MSDE Certification

Questions for Certification Unit

Scholarship Packet Materials

The scholarship application cycle for 2013-2014 National Board Certification candidacy has ended. Please see the attached information for important changes to the certification process beginning next year.

Take One!

Please see the information below from the National Board regarding important changes to the Take One! program, effective immediately:

What does this mean for Take One!?

As you know, Take One! is a component of the existing certification process. The revised certification process will be different enough that scores received for Take One! will not be transferrable. Given this, candidates have three options:
1.      Continue with Take One! Candidates can elect to continue the Take One! process with the understanding the score received cannot transfer to National Board Certification. This option might be attractive to someone using Take One! for an introduction to the Five Core Propositions, the Standards, and reflective practice.
2.      Convert to National Board Certification. To do this, candidates will need to withdraw their Take One! application and submit an application for National Board Certification. If their Take One! application is being funded by a third-party, then with their consent we will transfer any payments from the candidate’s Take One! application to their certification application.
3.      Withdraw from Take One! If candidates are not interested in continuing Take One! or converting to National Board Certification, then they can withdraw from Take One! and we will refund all payments made.
If candidates have any questions about the options above, please encourage them to call 1-800-22-TEACH to speak with a member of our customer support team.

National Board News


Lesley C. Johnson, NBCT
MCPS National Board Instructional Specialist (301) 217-5146


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