Teacher Expecations - Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements


Blackboard Requirements (PDF)

Software Requirements for Other Module Elements:

• Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing course documents
• Java for viewing mini-lectures
• MS Word
• MS PowerPoint
• Macromedia Flash Player web browser plug-in for viewing course content
• Real Player 9 or later for viewing course videos


MCPS computers should be configured with the necessary hardware and software in order to use these modules. If you are unable to view course content, contact your User Support Specialist. If your USS needs more information on technical requirements, contact David Kreisberg (david_kreisberg@mcpsmd.org).

These Blackboard modules should work on any computer that is capable of running Windows 2000, XP or Macintosh OS X. Computers need the software listed above and must have a sound card and speakers (or headphones).

Content may be viewed with computers connected to the Internet via a modem, but a high speed Internet connection will give much better results.