Teacher Expecations - Overview



Outcomes – Module One (Staff Talk)
1. Raise awareness of unconscious beliefs and expectations.
2. Define and explain the significance of teacher expectations and teacher standards as they relate to the achievement gap.
3. Describe the sources of teacher expectations.
4. Discuss the consequences of expectations on students’ learning and performance.
5. Discuss the consequences of expectations on teachers’ interactions with students and colleagues.
6. Identify staff talk that communicates high teacher expectations.
7. Discuss the relationship between teacher expectation and the 3 key messages.

Outcomes – Module Two (Personal Cultural History)
1. Reflect on one’s own cultural identity and experience.
2. Identify unconscious aspects of culture.
3. Describe how the factors of diversity shape perceptions of self and others.
4. Examine the effectiveness of instruction through self-reflection and student feedback.

Outcomes – Module Three (Teacher Behaviors that Communicate High Expectations)
1. Describe and define specific teacher behaviors that communicate high expectations to students.
2. Explain how these teacher behaviors support increased student achievement.
3. Apply teacher behaviors for communicating high expectations in the classroom.
4. Reflect on the experience of applying the teacher behaviors that communicate high expectations.

Outcomes – Module Four (Practices)
Outcomes – Module Five (Structures)
Outcomes – Module Six (Putting it All Together)