Expectations>Module 1: Staff Talk


Content and Learning Activities


This section of the module contains the following items:

Article: Standards and Expectations - This article and related activities will help you clarify the distinction between standards and expectations - a useful step in the process of examining teacher expectations and their relationship to student achievement.

Mini-Lecture: Sources of Teacher Expectations

Article: : Beliefs - This article and related activies will explore the relationship between beliefs as they relate to expectations and staff talk.

Mini-lecture: Effects of Teacher Expectations on Students

Activity: Online Survey: Teaching Tolerance : This series of interactive web surveys provides a unique opportunity to examine one's own hidden biases.

Mini-lecture: Effects of Teachers Expectations on Teachers

Mini-lecture: Chronology of the Gap

Video: Staff Talk: Teachers model staff talk that focuses on student assets and ways that schools can adapt their programs to meet the needs of students.