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Curriculum Update, Nov. 2008:
Grade 4 Reading

About these Lessons

  • Video Segment: Whole Group Reading
    Lesson Focus: Identifying Character Traits

    • Description: This lesson illustrates how to use excerpts from Charlotte's Web to identify character traits of Charlotte. The teacher reviews the definition of a character trait, reads aloud excerpts from the text, and models how to identify the character trait based upon what the character says, does, or what the narrator says about the character. Students help complete a behavior and trait chart for Charlotte. The teacher reviews why it is important to be able to identify character traits and tells students that they will be looking at the character, Wilbur, for the Day 2 lesson.

  • Video Segment: Small Group Reading
    Lesson Focus: Identifying Character Traits

    • Description: This lesson illustrates how to introduce a novel study to a small group of on or above grade level readers in grade 4. The purpose of the lesson is to analyze character traits and explain how the actions of the characters affect the plot. A brief book introduction and the completion of an anticipation guide prepares students to read chapter 1 as part of the follow-up to the teacher directed lesson. The teacher reviews with students the expectations for using their journals. The teacher introduces students to the schedule for completing the novel in two weeks.

  • Video Segment: Writing Workshop
    Lesson Focus: Setting Development Using Sensory Details

    • Description: This lesson models how to use a mentor text, Owl Moon, to develop a vivid setting. The purpose of this lesson is to guide students in adding sensory details to enhance the setting in their writing. The teacher reads excerpts from the book that shows good examples of the setting. The students visualize and discuss how the author's use of descriptive language helps them connect to the text and predict characters interactions with the setting. As a result of the mini-lesson, students will add sensory details that will enhance the setting of their personal narrative.

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