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Who We Are

who we areWe are the Montgomery County Public Schools Equity Team. Our sole purpose is to support, coach, consult, and collaborate with schools and offices to design and implement efforts to address equity and cultural competency. We help school and office employees, in their day-to-day work, address structural barriers that enable our racial achievement gap to persist .

Equity Team Members

  • Troy E. Boddy - Director
  • Ericka Hebron- Administrative Secretary
  • Bryan Avila- Instructional Specialist
  • Kim Bishop- Equity Training Specialist
  • Angela Burrell- Instructional Specialist
  • Charles Codling- Instructional Specialist
  • Joan Mory- Instructional Specialist
  • Porsche Vanderhorst- Instructional Specialist

Please contact us at 301-279-4463.


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