MCPS Careers: Is MCPS for You?

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If you decide to join us in Montgomery County:


What We Believe

You will be part of something really important—fashioning the future for our students and our community. MCPS's core values are based on the belief that all students have the right to excellent schools that will (and do) fully prepare them for life beyond 12th grade. When you work with us, you join an exciting and successful team of extraordinary colleagues and have many opportunities for growth and life long learning. Tell me more 


You will be part of a richly diverse community. MCPS believes that diversity creates the foundation for an inclusive and strong community and great schools. Our schools mirror a larger global community that is ever changing and growing. You will be a member of a team committed to the achievement of every student—and every staff member. We are creating a place where everyone is included and all ideas are valued; that is how we are working to make a brighter future for our students, our employees and our community. Tell me more 


You will earn some of the highest salaries in the Washington metro area—and the country—no matter what your job is. MCPS recognizes the value of your contribution to its success, so we compensate you accordingly. "Salary is important to me. If I don't have to worry about paying the bills, I can focus better on my work," said one second-year middle school teacher. Tell me more 


You will be in the backyard of Washington, DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore—the best of all worlds. You will have access to the historical and cultural venues of metropolitan and rural areas. When you want to be outdoors, you'll find more parks in the area than just about anywhere else in the country. You are just three hours from the Atlantic Ocean and two hours from the Allegheny Mountains. There is truly something for everyone! Tell me more 

Career Growth

You will have professional development opportunities designed explicitly to help you meet your professional goals. You are in the driver's seat, creating the professional pathway that best meets your needs. Staff is assigned to assist you in professional development embedded in your work, tuition reimbursement for college course work and school-system classes to help you keep up with the changing demands on your job. In addition, there are many opportunities that provide pathways to advancement for all employees. "In my first year, I had a consulting teacher who was a life saver. Not only did she know the curriculum, but she helped me navigate the system. I had a great first year and know how to plan for the future," said one second-year high school teacher. You can plan for a lasting and challenging career. Tell me more 

Health Benefits

You will have one of the best health benefits packages in the United States. The school system pays up to 95 percent of your health insurance premium and you have choices about which program best meets your needs. "When I was looking for a job, good health benefits were a must and these are the best!" said one second-year elementary school teacher. Tell me more 

National Model/Leader

You will be recognized as part of a school system that is lauded as one of the most progressive and successful in the country. MCPS is the 16th largest system in the country, with rich racial and economic diversity. Its students are among the country's highest achievers—and that is due to its extraordinary employees. Tell me more