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Describe the reduction in ESOL that impacts the Multidisciplinary Education, Training, and Support (METS) program and how services will be impacted for METS student? How will the functions handled by this position be provided and who will provide these services?

Question#: 7


Currently, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has three supervisors and six instructional specialists who support English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Multidisciplinary Education, Training, and Support (METS), and two-way immersion programs.  There are additional instructional specialists on the Elementary Integrated Curriculum Team who support ESOL curriculum and instruction and also have responsibilities in other content areas.

In the Superintendent’s Recommended FY 2019 Operating Budget, there is a reduction of a
1.0 secondary ESOL instructional specialist position. The specialist identified to leave the secondary ESOL team is currently responsible for facilitating METS programming.  This particular specialist was identified based on seniority on the team, not specifically related to program responsibilities. The secondary supervisor and the remaining instructional specialists in central services have expertise in ESOL and METS programming.  The team has the knowledge and skills to continue to lead and support METS programs. 

The responsibilities for METS will be reassigned to another specialist on the team.  Students will receive the same level of services in METS.  It will just be assigned to another employee since the employee who had originally been assigned the task was the least senior individual on the team and therefore had to be the one involuntarily transferred per the MCEA contract.  

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