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Please provide information whether other Boards of Education have an independent budget analyst reporting directly to the Board to assist them with budget reviews.

Question#: 10


We conducted a survey of other similar sized local school systems on whether their Boards of Education have an independent budget analyst that reports to the Board to assist members review the school district’s budget.  Those districts surveyed include Anne Arundel, Baltimore County, Frederick, Howard, and Prince George’s County Public Schools in Maryland as well as Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia.  

Each of those six districts said their Boards of Education do not have an independent budget analyst reporting to the Board and giving them analysis of the budget.  Each of the districts indicated that their Boards of Education utilize the support that the school district’s central budget office provides to the superintendent of schools as well as the Board.  The MCPS budget office continues to prioritize its personnel resources and time to support the Board with financial oversight and decision-making by making team members available.  We regularly provide updates and communications to the Board on financial matters including what is happening at the state and local levels and work to provide detailed analysis and information proactively as well as in response to questions and suggestions.  Additional suggestions about how the budget team and investments team can support the Board members with their decision making are always welcome.

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