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What is the budget for band (musical instrument) equipment and how are funds equitably provided to schools?

Question#: 5


MCPS has an inventory of musical instruments at schools and centrally.  In addition, additional instruments are purchased each year.  In FY 2018, funding for instrumental music equipment include:

  • Instruments for disadvantaged students;
  • Instrument repair/replacement;
  • Furniture/equipment replacement;
  • East County Arts initiative; and
  • Supplies and materials.

Instruments for disadvantaged students at the elementary and middle school level are purchased based on need.  The budget for purchasing instruments for disadvantaged students is $56,963.  Music teachers request instruments for Free and Reduced-Price Meal System students through the coordinator of fine arts.  The instruments purchased remain a part of each school’s instrument inventory.  

The instrument repair budget is $87,846.  This budget is allocated to schools for instrument repairs based on the number of students enrolled in their instrumental music program.  The funds are applied equitably between schools based on a per pupil amount.

Schools have the discretion to use a portion of their general furniture/equipment replacement allocations for the purchase of musical instruments. The furniture/equipment replacement budget allocated to the schools is indicated below.  Some schools with greater needs are allocated more funds than other schools.

  • Elementary schools -  $133,000
  • Middle schools -  $116,000
  • High schools - $184,000 

With the new East County Arts initiative, three elementary schools were targeted to provide additional staffing as well as additional musical instruments for the purpose of increasing student access to the instrumental music program.  Each of these schools received between 19–22 additional musical instruments for their program from a budget of $17,287.

In addition, every school is allocated supplies and materials funds to use during the year.  Schools use these funds to purchase supplies and materials for classes.  This could include instructional materials which could include instruments used in music classes.

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