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Please provide information to the Board of Education on the status of the Rolling Terrace Elementary School immersion program. How will we proceed with the current decision, as well as future program assignments?

Question#: 3


On January 12, 2018, Rolling Terrace Elementary School (RTES) immersion families received a letter from Dr. Maria Navarro, chief academic officer, indicating that the existing partial immersion program would phase-out in grades 2-5. The Two Way Immersion (TWI) program will phase-in in grades K-1 for all local students and any existing partial immersion students who wish to remain at RTES.

William Tyler Page Elementary School will open as a new full Spanish immersion school beginning with grades K-3. Any grade K-2 RTES immersion families may participate in this program. Letters of intent will be mailed to parents the week of January 19, 2018. Parents have until January 30, 2018, to indicate which school their child will attend and send their choice to the Division of Consortia Choice and Application Program Services.

The principal of RTES and Christine Miller, Supervisor of Two-Way Immersion/English for Speakers of Other Languages, are developing a Two-Way Immersion steering committee. This committee will consist of administrators, teachers, support professionals, and parents. The committee representatives will learn about the principles of Two-Way Immersion, establish a language allocation plan, and develop a school training, and communication plan.

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