How are Promethean boards provided to elementary schools?

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Montgomery County Public Schools has implemented the Promethean interactive whiteboards and related instructional technologies in approximately two-thirds of all secondary classrooms. This technology was funded by telecommunications expenditure rebates available through the federal Education Rate (E-Rate) program. Because these resources have been committed to complete the finance payments over the past four years, there have not been sufficient resources available to fund a similar district-wide program for elementary schools.

Capital budget funding has been used to purchase the Promethean interactive whiteboard technologies for new and modernized schools and schools receiving additions. In addition, Parent Teacher Associations, federal grants, and school-acquired grants have provided funds for elementary schools to purchase interactive whiteboards.

Staff will be presenting a plan to the Board for its consideration on the use future telecommunications rebates available through the E-Rate program (as was done for secondary schools) to bring these interactive learning technologies into all elementary schools.Elementary schools with no Promethean technology will have priority. The goal will be to provide two-thirds of all elementary school classrooms with these interactive instructional technologies.