On page 5–29 there are reductions indicated for teacher and paraeducator positions at Rock Terrace and RICA. Please explain the enrollment projections upon which these reductions are based and offer an assessment of the likely impact on our ability to provide services.

Question#: 21



The FY 2013 Operating Budget for the Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents (RICA) includes a reduction of 2.0 teacher and 2.5 paraeducator positions. The projected enrollment for RICA for FY 2013 is 101 students. The staffing ratio for RICA is currently 9 students to 1 teacher (9:1), and 1.25 paraeducators to 1 teacher position (1.25:1). This year, RICA is allocated 20.0 teacher and 19.25 paraeducator positions. Based strictly on the projected FY 2013 enrollment and the staffing ratio, RICA should be allocated 11.0 teacher and 14.0 paraeducator positions. However, it was determined that any additional reduction of positions in a single year would impact staff and students at the school.

The FY 2013 budget for Rock Terrace School is based on the projected enrollment of 109 students. The staffing ratio for Rock Terrace is 8studentsto 1 teacher (8:1) and 1paraeducator to 1 teacher position (1:1). This year, Rock Terraceisallocated18.25 teacher and 17.25 paraeducator positions. Based on the projected enrollment and the staffing ratio, Rock Terrace should be allocated 13.6 teachers and 13.6 paraeducators. The FY 2013 budgeted reduction of2.15 teacher and 1.15 paraeducator positions will more closely align Rock Terrace’s staffing allocation to the established ratio while still providing flexibility in the staffs’ schedules to meet the needs of students.