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List the ten schools that have the highest number of copier service calls and days out-of-service

Question#: 10


Staff maintains extensive data from the TeamWorks copier service program concerning the performance of the 276 high-volume copiers located in schools. While data indicating the number of out-of-service hours is not collected, the figures below show the 10 schools with the highest number of service calls placed in the first two quarters of FY 2012 and averages by school level by fiscal year.

School Service Calls Copies Made Copies per Service Call*
Magruder HS 66 2,275,754 34,481
Sherwood HS 64 2,567,111 40,111
Gaithersburg HS 55 2,297,480 41,772
Watkins Mill HS 51 1,918,002 37,608
Northwood HS 37 1,311,322 35,441
Blake HS 35 2,230,715 63,735
Takoma Park MS 31 1,376,006 44,387
Banneker MS 29 1,155,311 39,838
Paint Branch HS 28 2,018,859 72,102
Jackson Road ES 28 716,189 25,578
Average HS 29 2,064,291 71,698
Average MS 19 1,064,414 56,491
Average ES 11 629,449 58,647

Annual system-wide performance data also is collected and data for FY 2010, FY 2011, and for the first two quarters of FY 2012 is shown below.

Fiscal Year Service Calls Copies Made Copies per Service Call
FY 2010 7,065 354,516,193 50,179
FY 2011 6,727 352,166,712 52,326
FY 2012 2,861 173,889,717 60,779

It is important to note that service calls do not necessarily indicate copiers are fully dysfunctional. In addition, 95 percent of service calls are completed within 24 hours, and 50 percent are typically completed on the same day the service is requested.

*The relative performance of school copiers is best assessed by dividing the amount of printing produced on school copiers by the number of service calls placed by that school. Average Copies per Service Call is the industry standard for measuring copier performance.

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