On page 365 of the Program Budget, 40 Bus Route Supervisors and 23 Transportation Cluster Managers are listed. What are their specific duties, and if all are 12 month employees, what are their summer assignments?

Question#: 62

BUDGET PAGE REFERENCE: Program Budget, Pages 354 - 367


Bus route supervisor (BRS) and transportation cluster managers (TCM) positions are critical for the success of bus operations within the Department of Transportation. There are a total of 80 BRS positions and 23 TCM positions in the Operating Budget. These positions are spread over six budgets in the FY 2014 Program Budget document related to the Department of Transportation. Each TCM is assigned to at least one high school cluster. Duties include communicating with school personnel and parents about transportation issues, as well as the supervision of approximately 90 employees.

The BRS position duties include driving a bus route and supervising 25 employees. During the summer, transportation operations serve approximately 500 summer extended school year bus routes for special education, middle school, and Head Start students. BRS positions also spend time reviewing enrollment numbers and planning bus routes for the upcoming school year. Transportation services also are provided for summer camps and field trips run by recreation departments in Montgomery County, the City of Rockville, the City of Gaithersburg, and the City of Takoma Park.