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What do other school systems, including Fairfax County Public Schools, charge for school activity fees? How much would the fee need to increase to fund certified athletic trainers?

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The following are activity fees assessed in the seven Maryland school systems. Fairfax County Public Schools does not assess an activity fee.

Carroll County $100 per season 
Frederick County  $90 per season 
Montgomery County  $30 per year 
Prince George’s  $50 per year 
Queen Anne’s  $100 per year 
Washington County  $55 per season 
Wicomico  $40 per year  ($45 for football) 

MCPS currently collects activity fees from approximately 23,000 middle school and high school students per year.  If the system-wide cost for athletic trainers at all 25 high schools is $500,000, based on the Anne Arundel and Howard County model of contracting with a third party, the current annual activity fee would need to be increased by approximately $22 to cover the cost of athletic trainers at all 25 MCPS high schools. If the cost is based on the Fairfax County model, which is a full-time employee at each school, the total cost is about $1.5 million and the activity fee would need to be increased by $66 to cover the costs.

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