Please explain how the 10 proposed elementary math teachers will be used in support of accelerated math instruction? How many schools will each teacher support? Will all schools provide an accelerated curriculum, including compacted fourth and fifth grade math instruction?

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As part of the Curriculum 2.0 mathematics rollout plan, students who consistently demonstrate strong proficiency on all grade-level indicators and acceleration and enrichment within Grade 3, may be considered for a compacted curriculum beginning in Grade 4. MCPS is developing a process for each school to identify these students .  It is anticipated that the number of students identified will vary from school-to-school and year-to-year.  Once the schools have identified these students  and students have been invited to attend the Highly Gifted Centers (HGCs), an analysis of individual school needs will be conducted.

At this point it is expected that a fixed, standardized model for each school will not be appropriate.  For example, an HGC may have a full class of students, meaning that no additional allocation is necessary.  Since the numbers of identified students could vary,
it is anticipated that program models will need to remain flexible. Staff in the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Programs are convening a group of principals who are representative of MCPS elementary schools, to fully develop flexible options to support students, whether in their local school or the HGCs. The number of schools each teacher will support will be determined once the number of students requiring a compacted curriculum has been identified .