Given the expected increase in demand on technology to implement CCSS assessments, how are we planning for anticipated increased need in support for local schools? What impact is likely as a result of the proposed reductions in OCTO (Chapter 9-9) on responsiveness to schools?

Question#: 25



The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) assessments require increased access to, and use of, technology. The offices of the Chief Technology Officer and Curriculum and Instructional Programs have been working closely with the Maryland State Department of Education to ensure that we develop a sufficiently robust infrastructure and integrate appropriate devices to meet these online assessment requirements.

Two essential components required for engaging in these online assessments are a robust infrastructure that facilitates reliable, high-speed Internet access for a large number of concurrent users without delays or disruptions in connectivity, as well as access to sufficient portable devices for testing that satisfy the technical and CCSS assessment requirements.

Through recent funding for a district-wide wireless implementation initiative, we have begun to strengthen schools’ wireless infrastructure to meet these demands.  The proposed reductions in the OCTO budget will have no impact on responsiveness to schools.