In response to State Board decisions and proposed action on suspensions/expulsions, MCPS has increased reliance on Home and Hospital Teaching (HHT) to provide educational services to suspended/expelled students. Does the $170,922 proposed budget increase indicated at Chapter 5–66 anticipate the provision of HHT services to suspended students?

Question#: 14



The budget increase of $170,922 is based on trend data on actual expenditures.  Staff will monitor spending to determine if the amount budgeted can support the full range of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) students who need HHT services, including students affected by the State Board of Education’s anticipated revision of suspension and expulsion policies.  MCPS reviews each suspension and expulsion on a case-by-case basis and determines, in accordance with the needs of individual students, an appropriate educational program.  HHT is one of several options available to serve students.