With respect to the Achieving Collegiate Excellence and Success (ACES) program, what are the plans for future funding of the program? Will MCPS be expected to increase funding over time as we expand to more high schools? Is there an expectation that MCPS will be seeking a partnership or grant funding for the future of ACES?

Question#: 12



MCPS agreed to the following financial responsibilities for FY 2014 to ensure the success of the ACES program in the Memorandum of Understanding between Montgomery County Public Schools, Montgomery College, and the Universities at Shady Grove, signed by Dr. Starr, Dr. Pollard, and Dr. Edelstein on March 28, 2012:

  • Provide a 10-day summer program, Exposure to College Life, for students between Grades 9 -10, at an estimated cost of $11,000 for eight College and Career Information Coordinators;
  • Provide a 10-day summer program, Advanced Placement 6 Preparation and Academic Intervention, for students between Grades 10-11, at an estimated cost of $76,037 for 32 teachers.

Based the March 28, 2012 memorandum, the anticipated MCPS future funding obligations are as follows:

  • Provide strategic oversight at a cost of $18,927;
  • Provide financial resources for 8 FTE counselors, at a cost of $15,504 to participate in training and articulation meetings in order to identify targeted students for ACES program during the Grade 8 articulation process;
  • Provide resources for technical support at eight high schools at an estimated cost of $54,476 in order to ensure that college-track four-year plans (individual electronic student portfolios) are developed;
  • Provide and monitor academic intervention and supports, collect relevant data for ongoing program evaluation, and conduct college readiness activities for targeted Grades 9-10 students and parents at an estimated cost of $133,182;
  • In conjunction with all three partners, MCPS will be primarily responsible for the creation of a comprehensive communication plan and materials for the programmatic, promotional, and recruitment goals including flyers, correspondence, and video and community outreach at a cost of $10,000.

All partners are pursuing alternative funding opportunities for ACES.