What is the funding from the Neglected and Delinquent Grant used for?

Question#: 65



The FY 2016 Operating Budget includes $131,896 for the Title I, Part D – Program for Neglected, Delinquent, or At-Risk Children. Program funds provide mental health and academic support to MCPS students in alternative programs. Students may be referred to this program if they are not making satisfactory academic progress as measured by grade point averages, attendance rates, and behavioral histories.

Of the $131,896 budgeted, $18,552 is for professional part-time salaries to provide instructional support to students in alternative programs and at the the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. There also is $88,703 budgeted for contractual services for two social workers, $8,000 for school liaison support by the National Center for Children and Families, and $10,000 for fine arts and outdoor education services for students. In addition, there is $4,697 budgeted for instructional materials to support positive behavior interventions, and $1,944 for employee benefits.