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There is concern that the number of non-resident students attending MCPS is growing. How is residency verification impacting the workload of PPWs, and what priority does it have in terms of their duties and responsibilities?

Question#: 37



At the request of principals and central services administrators, pupil personnel workers (PPWs) regularly investigate families and their living arrangements when residency is in question. The investigations result in either a confirmation of residency, or a recommendation to the administrator that the students be withdrawn from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). PPWs are aware of the importance of this issue and make residency verification a high priority when a request is made. Due to the increase in the number of requests to verify international student residency, PPWs are called upon more frequently during peak enrollment times of summer and mid-winter months. The additional 6.0 PPW positions added in FY 2015, and the 3.0 PPW positions proposed for FY 2016, will help to ensure that all students enrolled in MCPS are Montgomery County residents, and will provide additional support to schools in meeting the needs of students.


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