How many parent community coordinator positions are budgeted, and what schools do they serve?

Question#: 9

BUDGET PAGE REFERENCE: Chapter 4-59 and Chapter 7-7


The FY 2015 Operating Budget includes 12.0 parent community coordinator (PCC) positions in the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships (OCEP). This is an increase of 2.0 positions from the FY 2014 Operating Budget.  There are 15.0 PCC positions and 3.5 parent services assistant positions in the Division of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Bilingual Programs.  In addition, there are 7.9 PCC positions that serve Title I schools.  There are 25.8 social worker and social services assistant positions that work with parents of students in Pre-kindergarten and Head Start Programs, and 18.75 positions that work with parents of special education students in the Infants and Toddlers program and some pre-school programs.
ESOL Parent Community Coordinators
The 15.0 PCCs in ESOL serve all elementary and secondary schools, special education centers, and alternative programs. The positions provide regularly scheduled services in 53 schools.  Regularly scheduled ESOL parent outreach services are provided to targeted schools using ESOL program and enrollment data and Annual Measurable Objective (AMO) status for the Limited English Proficient (LEP) subgroup, and Annual Measureable Achievement Objective (AMAO) data. 
Status 1 is assigned to schools in which AMAO I and AMO targets for LEP students were not met in reading and math and all of the Multidisciplinary Educational Training and Support (METS) sites, Thomas Edison High School of Technology (TEHST), and the next two largest non-METS high school ESOL centers.  Status 2 schools are those whose AMO targets for LEP in reading and/or math were not met and Title I schools with a projected enrollment of 170 or more ESOL students.  Schools designated as Status 1 receive up to seven hours of service per week.  Schools designated as Status 2 receive up to four hours of service per week.
OCEP Parent Community Coordinators

The following table shows the clusters and priority schools within each cluster to which 9.0 FTE PCCs in OCEP are assigned.  



Clusters Served

Priority Schools


Clarksburg, Damascus,
Quince Orchard, Poolesville

Clarksburg HS, Ridgeview MS, Rocky Hill MS, Brown Station ES, Damascus ES, Fox Chapel ES


Churchill, Richard Montgomery, Rockville, Wootton

Rockville HS,  Richard Montgomery HS, Earle B. Wood MS, Julius West MS, College Gardens ES, Meadow Hall ES, Twinbrook ES


DCC – Wheaton, Walter Johnson
Walt Whitman

Wheaton HS, Mario Loiederman MS, Parkland MS, Tilden MS,
Wheaton Woods ES


DCC – Albert Einstein
DCC – Kennedy Cluster

Kennedy HS, Argyle MS, Bel Pre ES, Strathmore ES, Sligo MS, Flora Singer ES


Bethesda-Chevy Chase, NEC– James Hubert Blake, NEC­– Sherwood

Briggs Chaney MS, Farquhar MS, Rosa Parks MS, Cresthaven ES, Roscoe Nix ES


DCC – Montgomery Blair
DCC – Northwood

Montgomery Blair HS, Northwood HS, E. Brook Lee MS, Silver Spring International MS, Montgomery Knolls ES, Pine Crest ES


Northwest, Seneca Valley

Roberto Clemente MS, Christa McAuliffe ES, Clopper Mill ES, 
Great Seneca Creek ES, Waters Landing ES


Gaithersburg, Magruder, Watkins Mill

Neelsville MS, Gaithersburg ES, James Daly ES, South Lake ES, Stedwick ES, Whetstone ES


Gaithersburg, Watkins Mill

Gaithersburg HS, Forest Oak MS, Gaithersburg, MS, Watkins Mill HS, Montgomery Village MS, and Watkins Mill ES

In addition, a 1.0 FTE PCC position supports the Study Circles program in the following schools:

  • Clarksburg HS                                    Damascus HS
  • Earle B. Wood MS                 Fields Roads ES
  • Kingsview MS                        Neelsville MS
  • Sligo MS                                 Springbrook HS
  • Farquhar MS                           Watkins Mill HS
  • Julius West MS                       Redland MS
  • Parkland MS                           Ridgeview MS

One of the 2.0 PCC positions added in the FY 2015 Operating Budget for OCEP will provide additional support for Study Circles, and the other position will focus on activities to implement Community Engagement Teams and work with the Intervention and Innovation Schools.