Respond to testimony regarding the proposed change in the work schedule (from 12-month to 10-month) for College and Career Information Coordinators.

Question#: 2



A workgroup was formed in the fall of FY 2012 to review several 12-month positions to determine if any should be changed to 10-month positions.  The workgroup included each employee organization’s executive director, other representatives from each employee organization, and MCPS staff.  The workgroup implemented a process to review positions and gather input.  This process included an initial review to decide what positions would be excluded, and a secondary review to gather data on the remaining positions.  The College and Career Information Coordinators are included in the secondary review, and the work has not been completed.  However, there is no recommendation to change the work schedule of the College and Career Information Coordinators in the FY 2015 Superintendent’s Recommended Operating Budget.