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FY 2009 Operating Budget: Question & Answers

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During the budget process, questions asked by members of the Board of Education at public hearings and work sessions are compiled. Appropriate staff from Montgomery County Public Schools respond to the questions with written answers that are forwarded to Board members.

Answers to other budget questions may be requested from the Department of Management, Budget, and Planning.
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  1. Provide information on school counseling ratios at middle and high school levels over the last four years. How will the additional elementary counselors be deployed?
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  2. Provide information on the cost of an additional Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) team.
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  3. Provide the job description for Parent/Community Coordinators. Where are the current Parent/ Community Coordinators located? Are there currently performance measures in place to evaluate effectiveness? If so, provide additional information. How will the six additional positions be deployed?
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  4. What training is proposed for parent community coordinators? Does this training provide standardization and flexibility allowing adaptation to the needs of individual schools?
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  5. Provide a brief description of the impact on classroom teaching and learning resulting from the reduction of immersion and magnet positions. How will the reduction be implemented?
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  6. Provide the job description for lunch hour aides and provide data on any safety issues, incidents, or complaints involving lunch hour supervision.
    bullet point Answer (78K PDF)

  7. What efforts have been made to address issues of crossing safety at Lakelands Park Middle School?
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  8. How many IB Middle Year Programs does MCPS currently have? Where are these programs located and at what is the cost? Where are the High School IB Programs located and are there IB Middle Year Programs in these clusters?
    bullet point Answer (72K PDF)

  9. How will the recommended $1.2 million budget for the Middle School Magnet Consortium be allocated by school and position? Is the cost for transportation for out-of-area students included in these funds? What is the cost of the transportation for students residing outside the consortium?
    bullet point Answer (55K PDF)

  10. What are the savings from reducing release periods for magnet programs?
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  11. Provide information on the proposed reduction of Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP). What is the staff to student ratio? Provide a three year history of SLP positions and other related services, including workload standards in the ASHA presentation.
    bullet point Answer (63K PDF)

  12. Provide information on position reductions other than those noted on the Program Reductions and Efficiencies chart on Page 33 of the FY 2009 Superintendent’s Recommended Operating Budget Summary document. Provide an index that refers to the detail of these reductions.
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  13. What MCPS positions provide parent support and outreach? How are we partnering across departments for parent support?
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  14. Explain the changes in the budget for the Safe and Drug Free Schools (SADFS) program related to stipends, professional part-time salaries, and instructional materials.
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  15. Provide data that is available on the performance of students attending the Magnet Consortium schools. How does it compared to the data from the schools that the students came from.
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  16. Respond to the MCEA testimony that advocates that the nine schools selected for Middle School Reform be given the choice of implementation of the Magnet Consortium model or the Pilot School model. What is the fiscal impact of allowing schools to have the choice?
    bullet point Answer (46K PDF)

  17. How does MCPS project enrollment for special education programs? What is the projection for ESOL students?
    bullet point Answer (63K PDF)

  18. Respond to the issues presented in the testimony provided on behalf of the Montgomery County Taxpayers League (MCTL).
    bullet point Answer (79K PDF)

  19. Provide information on the Athletic Tutoring program at Quince Orchard High School.
    bullet point Answer (44K PDF)

  20. Provide information on the deferral of 18 promethean boards at Montgomery Village Middle School.
    bullet point Answer (50K PDF)

  21. What is the cost of implementing the AVID program?
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  22. Provide data on the number of middle school math teachers that have content certification and those that do not. What training opportunities are available for math teachers who want to expand their content knowledge?
    bullet point Answer (86K PDF)

  23. Provide a profile of the current IB program at Watkins Mill High School. How many students have been able to transfer in and participate? Is there excess capacity? What resources would be necessary to accommodate an additional 15 to 20 students?
    bullet point Answer (47K PDF)

  24. What is the cost to add an additional elementary assistant principal position? How many positions have been added and how many would be needed to stay on schedule?
    bullet point Answer (32K PDF)

  25. Provide information on the readiness of teachers to accelerate elementary math. What training is being contemplated to make sure that the system remains current?
    bullet point Answer (79K PDF)

  26. Provide data on high school literacy coaches. What are the reading scores for schools with the position and those without? How does MCPS support the literacy coaches and how is success being evaluated and measured?
    bullet point Answer (45K PDF)

  27. Provide information on how staffing decisions are made to support special education students in general education classrooms.
    bullet point Answer (44K PDF)

  28. What is the cost for activity buses and how are funds distributed to middle and high schools? How does it operate and what is the cost?
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  29. Does the Tech Mod program include support for Promethean Boards and Alpha Smarts?
    bullet point Answer (39K PDF)

  30. Provide information on the reduction of teachers in the METS program.
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  31. Provide information on preventative maintenance, including HVAC maintenance?
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  32. Provide information about the crossing guard situation at Cabin John Middle School?
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  33. Provide information on the use of site coordinators to oversee major construction projects. What is the cost of a position?
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  34. Provide information on the difference between focus schools, schools in transition, and Title I schools. What schools fall into each of the three categories?
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  35. Explain the $395,083 reduction and its impact in Miscellaneous under the category “Other” in the budget for the Department of Recruitment and Staffing.
    bullet point Answer (45K PDF)

  36. There is an $82,000 increase for supplemental summer employment shown in the Program Budget for the Extracurricular Activities Program. Why is this increase needed? How many and what kinds of employees will it be spent on?
    bullet point Answer (34K PDF)

  37. For Utilities and Facilities Management, there is an increase of $38,755 in “other” under Supplies and Materials that triples the current allocation of $22,100 to $60,855. Considering that there is a reduction of 6.0 positions, why is there a need to increase supplies and materials by this amount?
    bullet point Answer (45K PDF)

  38. What is the current FARMS rate for each school? What schools are being considered as new focus schools? What schools are expected to have focus school resources realigned? Will they continue to have the class size reduction initiative under this proposal?
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    bullet pointAttachment (123K PDF)

  39. The FY 2009 Realignments section of Chapter 1-25 proposes several realignments in support of the School Improvement Plan. Please explain the reason for the realignments.
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  40. What is the cost savings associated with publishing The Bulletin once a month instead of four times a month? Is this cost savings captured in the FY 2009 budget? What are the costs of other documents mailed to a broad audience? Are there plans to make any other reductions in publications?
    bullet point Answer (49K PDF)

  41. Provide trend data on enrollment and staffing projections for speech pathologists.
    bullet point Answer (83K PDF)

  42. Provide a list of schools, enrollment, number of counselors, and ratio of student to counselor.
    bullet point Answer (97K PDF)

  43. What schools will receive the ten added assistant principals?
    bullet point Answer (51K PDF)

  44. How are counselors assigned to schools?
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  45. In the expansion of the middle school reform, what is included for staff development to focus on skill levels. How does this compare with the efforts for staff development with the early childhood education initiative?
    bullet point Answer (60K PDF)

  46. What is the cost per middle school for inclusion in the reform effort. What would be the cost to add 11 or 13 schools in FY 2009? What would be the trade-offs?
    bullet point Answer (56K PDF)

  47. Provide additional information about the positions to support nine middle schools in Middle School Reform. If money is tight, are there other positions to help build capacity without adding more schools?
    bullet point Answer (43K PDF)

  48. What is the minimum required to support literacy and math in middle schools?
    bullet point Answer (45K PDF)

  49. Regarding the discussion of M-Stat, what is the cost to expand capacity to improve knowledge transfer processes.
    bullet point Answer (47K PDF)

  50. What is the status of establishing a one-stop shop for parents at Rocking Horse Road Center?
    bullet point Answer (38K PDF)

  51. Provide information on resources available to support the success of students on the HSA, especially the students who have been unsuccessful.
    bullet point Answer (44K PDF)



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