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Dual Enrollment/College Courses and Early College Access Programs

NOTE: Dual and Concurrent Enrollment are supported in the same way.


What are Dual Enrollment and Early College Access Programs?

Dual Enrollment (DE) (or Concurrent Enrollment) and Early College Access Programs (ECA) allow students to access college credit prior to high school graduation.  Students may earn college credit through AP, IB and CLEP examinations.  They also may earn articulated credit through Career and Technology Education programs, or college course credit through what is often referred to as DE.  Many high schools have special names for their college course (dual enrollment) programs such as College Institute, Middle College, and others.  To learn more about these options, visit the high school website for specific program offerings, contact the high school counselor, or contact the Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA) at the high school for additional information.  Click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.


What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

DE enables students to:

  • Take college courses at a reduced rate from the regular cost of courses after high school graduation;
  • Earn transferable college credits by taking college courses while still in high school;
  • Learn good academic habits and new skills;
  • Improve time management skills;
  • Form accurate perspectives of what skills and education are needed to be successful at the college level. 

Financial support for Dual Enrollment Program

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in partnership with Montgomery College (MC) are able to offer up to four college courses at a reduced cost for eligible student.  Students are able to take college courses offered on the high school campus (at select high schools), on a college campus, or online during the fall, winter, or spring college terms of their junior and/or senior year.  To facilitate the option of enrolling in college credit bearing courses at MC, information related to college readiness may be shared by MCPS with MC on your behalf, only if and when students apply to the college.  DE is an excellent option for all of our students to experience college prior to high school graduation.  It is also a great mechanism by which students and families may save time and money in pursuit of their college degree.  

Who can participate in Dual Enrollment?

Students may apply for the program if they have:

  • Completed the majority of their high school graduation requirements;
  • Earned a minimum unweighted grade point average in order to take a college course.  Speak to the high school DEPA regarding the GPA details and additional details. 

Dual Enrollment Procedures

Procedures for participating in DE options vary by high school and by college or university.  It is advisable for students to contact the DEPA at their high school to initiate the process.  Click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.

Students applying for this opportunity at MC, should begin by accessing the Montgomery College Office of Academic Initiatives’ DE webpage at for more specific information, procedures, and forms to begin the process.  The timeline is noted here.

What courses are offered through the Dual Enrollment Program?

Students in the DE Program can enroll in any approved college-level course for which they meet the requirements.

The courses offered through the DE program are typical courses of first year college students.  They include courses which are first in a professional series, general education courses, and foundation courses.

To review the transferability of college courses between Maryland colleges and universities, visit the Articulation System for Maryland Colleges and Universities website at

For specific information related to college course options at your local high school, contact the high school counselor or click here for a list of DEPAs and school deadlines.

College Courses and Montgomery College   


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