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Stream/Pond Investigation

Students investigate the complex interactions within the local watershed and work in groups to assess the health of a nearby stream or pond.

Stream/Pond Lesson Plan

Stream Study Journal Page

Trout in the Classroom/Stream Study Journal Page

Classroom Introduction (Google Slides)


Stream Data   (Google Form to Enter Data)

Stream Data Results  (Google Sheets of Results) 


Model Lessons on Youtube



These four videos make up the Stream Study Professional Development Video.

Part 1: Engage and Classroom Explanation – 9:30

Part 2: Equipment Use and Data Gathering Explanation – 15.00

Part 3: Students in Action, in the Stream – 4:00

Part 4: Evaluate by Sharing Results and Best Practices – 10:20


Suggested Indoor Alternatives:



Sum of the Parts(from Project Wet!)

Bottom Dwellers(Indoor MacroInvertebrate Study)

Freshwater Ecology Unit from Stroud Water Research Center