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 Environmental Education Resources

How to Become a Green School 

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation The largest conservation organization dedicated solely to  saving the Chesapeake Bay.   Their motto “ Save the Bay”, defines the organization's mission and commitment. http://www.cbf.org

The Chesapeake Bay Trust- Mission Statement:  To provide financial support for Marylanders to promote public awareness and participation in the restoration and protection of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. http://www.chesapeakebaytrust.org

The Maryland Association of Environmental and Outdoor Education - MAEOE- Their mission is to encourage, train, and support Maryland educators to build a citizenry that understands and is responsibly engaged in promoting sustainability, addressing human needs and conserving the Earth's natural resources. http://www.maeoe.org

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources- For today and tomorrow the Department of Natural Resources inspires people to enjoy and live in harmony with the environment, and to protect what makes Maryland unique -- our treasured Chesapeake Bay, our diverse landscapes and  our living and natural resources. http://www.dnr.state.md.us

DEP Energy



 The Maryland State Department of Education - MSDE Environmental Education Program

 Second Chance Wildlife Center Our mission: To facilitate the preservation of local wildlife through education, rehabilitation and referrals. http://www.scwc.org

Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation strives to promote the understanding and appreciation of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives.  http://maefonline.com/

Bay Backpack Learn some creative ways to integrate the Chesapeake Bay and environmental issues into your classroom lessons.  http://baybackpack.com/

Rainscapes Schoolyard Report Card  

Keep Montgomery County Beautiful - Montgomery County Department of Transportation - adopt a road, adopt a spot, storm drain stenciling

  Cornell Lab of Ornithology Yard Map -  a citizen science mapping project about habitat creation and low-impact land use.

  Audubon Naturalist Society GreenKids

Brickyard Educational Farm - field trips and excellent information

Montgomery County Food Council - local food issues

Trout in the Classroom - raise trout with your students in the classroom

Fieldscope - information about your watershed from CBF and National Geographic

Project WET - worldwide water education

Project WILD  - connection students to wildlife

NASA Global Precipitation Measurement Teachable Moments- with NGSS connections!

WSSC in the Classroom  

Citizen Science- the ultimate resource - learn what it is and how to connect many CS projects.