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Creating an Edible Garden

“The courtyard planting days were a huge hit with my students!  They were so excited to be able to dig a hole and plant a plant…  It was a wonderful opportunity to build language and vocabulary skills in the context of a meaningful activity. Thanks!”

Mary C. Carter, First Grade Teacher, Rolling Terrace ES

Why should gardening be used as an instructional tool? 

What is a container garden?  

What are some benefits and challenges of a container garden?  

What are the steps to create a container garden?  

What are some additional resources?  


This site is a result of collaboration between Montgomery County Public Schools, Audubon Naturalist Society GreenKids Program (ansgreenkids.org), Montgomery National Capital Parks and Planning Program, M-NCPPC (mncppc.org), Montgomery College (montgomerycollege.edu/landscapetechnology), and the University of Maryland Extension (extension.umd.edu). These organizations support successful and safe container gardening in schools. Please use their excellent resources to help your gardens grow!

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