High School Level Strategies 2017-2018

Maryland Seal of Biliteracy

87.6% (1,049 out of 1,197) of Maryland students who received the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy award were from MCPS.

MCPS students also earned the first Seal of Biliteracy in German and Japanese.

Strategic Objective Priority Strategies Trends & Measures

Evidence of Learning

Identify multiple indicators to measure what students are learning and if they are learning enough

Readiness: In 2017-2018, student data around readiness of students for the next grade level will be determined and reported at grade 11.

Transition: Grade level transition data to be reported supports the successful transition of students at the end of grade 12.

Strategic Objective Priority Strategies Trends & Measures

Expanding Options and Access to Programs

Increase access to programs and resources needed for all children to be academically successful

  • Establish STEM extracurricular activities in every high school ($95,000)
  • Expansion of Equal Opportunity Schools($292,600)
  • Enhance and expand student leadership programs and opportunities (i.e. Superintendent's Leadership Academy)
  • Participation of non-traditional students in STEM programs (FY18 baseline year)
  • Partnerships providing STEM opportunities for students (FY18 baseline year)
  • AP/IB Participation
  • Student leadership opportunities (FY18 baseline year)
  • Diversity of student leadership (FY18 baseline year)
Strategic Objective Priority Strategies Trends & Measures

College and Career Readiness

Graduate students who have the knowledge and skills to qualify for and succeed in entry level job or credit-bearing postsecondary coursework without the need for remediation

  • Develop and begin implementation of counseling model to effectively prepare students for college and career using Naviance
  • Provide guidance and support to parents, teacher and students on Seal of Biliteracy process and attainment. ($15,000)
  • Expand alternative pathways to graduation options for students who have not or will not meet graduation requirements. ($405,245)
  • Enhance and expand dual enrollment programs and opportunities
  • Provide funding for all 11th grade students to take SAT/ACT/Career placement exams ($450,000)
  • Summer RISE Program
  • Career and Technology Education (CTE) completion
  • Graduation rate (FY17 data will be available Jan 2018)
  • Percentage of parents accessing Naviance (Baseline data will be available Dec 2017)
  • Students College and Career Ready (?)
    • ACT/SAT performance
    • ACCUPLACER performance
    • AP/IB performance
Strategic Objective Priority Strategies Trends & Measures

Social/Psychological Well-being

Acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to understand personal health and wellness, manage emotions, establish and maintain positive relationships and make responsible decisions.

  • Students completing digital learning courses (FY18 baseline year)
  • Attendance
  • Suspension (Available Upon Public Release)
  • Restorative/Community circle participation (FY18 baseline year)